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I’ve been canning chairs (Chair weaving) for over 40 years. My first experience with canning chairs happened when I was about 12 years old. Our dining room chairs needed to be repaired and my mother used that project to start teaching me about canning & weaving. My love of the craft came about three years later when I rescued a old caned rocking chair from my Grandfathers enclosed porch. He had covered the canned areas with thin plywood and painted it with green paint. I brought this old piece back to life by removing the plywood and the paint and replacing the seat and back with a fresh weave (even though it retained some of the green tinge) it has been with me ever-since. The history and the stories that are attached to that chair often remind me of the stories people tell me of the chairs I’ve fixed over the years. I have heard many stories from a failing seat due to normal wear and tear to someone foolishly using the chair as a step stool putting their foot through the seat! I have heard it all! I’m grateful to help bring the chairs back to life and to keep the family stories alive for all that need my services. I am here to help you bring your old chairs back to live and help you rediscover their history.


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